Treating Tree Diseases

Trees, shrubs and other ornamental plantings represent a sizable investment and asset to most homeowners.  Keeping trees, shrubs and other woody plants healthy is the job of professional arborist.  Deciding when to use fungicides and other plant health improvement techniques should be left to professionals with the knowledge and training to do the job safely and effectively.

Diseases of trees and shrubs may be caused by harmful bacteria, fungi and viruses. “Most often these diseases attack trees that have already been stressed by other factors.  Once a problem is recognized, the disease is often in an advanced stage, limiting an arborist’s treatment options.

Some diseases can kill trees in a short period of time (oak wilt infection); others are long-term chronic diseases (fire blight on pears). Some diseases do not usually cause serious damage to trees (powdery mildew), while other can virtually eliminate an entire tree species (Dutch elm disease). Harmful, parasitic bacteria cause a number of plant diseases. Damage from bacteria can be limited to leaves (shot hole disease) or the bacteria can infect and destroy the vascular system of the tree (bacterial leaf scorch), eventually causing tree death.

Extensive dieback and death can occur rapidly in the case of Dutch elm disease or oak wilt of red oaks. In the case of bacterial leaf scorch, oak wilt of white oaks, and verticillium wilt, damage occurs more slowly and often can be controlled. When a tree has been infected, a professional arborist can assess treatment protocols and advise techniques for mitigating damage or avoiding a repeat of the infection.

Of course, the best way to avoid tree diseases is to keep trees healthy, making them less susceptible. A professional arborist can assess and maintain a landscape, ensuring proper soil fertility and watering practices to promote plant health and minimize the effects of stress on plants.

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