Type of Pruning Depends on Age of Tree

Pruning is the single best investment a property owner or community can make to ensure the survival and lengthen the life span of their trees. Older trees require more consideration before pruning; you need to take into account both the tree’s health and its stage in life. Older trees or trees with health problems, cannot withstand pruning as easily as younger, vigorously growing trees.

Arborist categorize trees by “life stages”, after determining what life stage a tree is in , and its overall health, the professional arborist can then decide how to prune. The life stages are:

  • Establishment which is the beginning process (seedling) or planting of the tree.
  • Juvenile in this stage trees are established in their environment and grow at their most rapid pace.
  • Mature the growth continues at a slower, steady pace.
  • Post-mature (over mature, past mature) is a very slow growth rate.
  • Declining the tree is in its final life stage.The best advice is to hire a tree care professional with experience, expertise and equipment to safely prune any size tree. Require proof of liability insurance and check to see that they are a certified arborist or certified tree worker.

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