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Time for a Checkup: The ins and outs of Tree Inspection

Time for a Checkup: The ins and outs of Tree Inspection When your tree reaches middle age, it may be time to consider an inspection, usually at least every three years, or more often if recommended by an arborist. Just like you go to the doctor every […]

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Mulch Better: How and When to Mulch Your Tree

Mulch Better: How and When to Mulch Your Tree Mulching your tree is one of the most important ways to keep them healthy. As they grow, the soil around them can become depleted of minerals and nutrients. Mulching helps to replenish those nutrients and give the tree […]

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Managing Your Soil for Healthier Trees and Plants

When we think of our lawns, gardens and trees we often think of a number of tasks, but many of them fall under the soil management category. So what is soil management, and why is it important? What is Managing Your Soil? Managing your soil is the […]

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Keeping Trees Healthy: Pruning and Trimming

Keeping Trees Healthy: Pruning and Trimming One of the most important things to the health of your landscape is keeping your trees healthy, and a big part of that is pruning and trimming. However, it’s highly recommended that you don’t just head out into the yard and […]

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Why limbs fall in your yard

  Why limbs fall in your yard Travel around a neighborhood after a storm and you will see tree limbs, large and small, scattered about the ground. Why do some limbs fall in high winds or after storms while others merely bend? Should you worry about that […]

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Hey! Don’t Just Walk Away, Post-Planting Care for Trees

Congratulations! You did your research, bought the right tree for the right location, and planted it properly. Too often, however, homeowners forget about their new addition to the landscape as soon as they put their tools away. Post-planting care is absolutely required if your investment in a […]

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Tree Planting Tips – Please Don’t Bury Me

Planting a tree?  A hole dug too deep is a sure way to kill a tree Winter and Spring seasons are prime planting season in most areas of the country. Too often, however, consumers waste hundreds of dollars on trees that will die because they were planted […]

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Nature’s Air Conditioners

If you have ever escaped from blazing hot sun in a shady spot under a tree, you know how these natural air conditioners can make you feel more comfortable. In fact, trees in a parking lot can reduce air temperatures by up to 25 degrees than on […]

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How to Keep Your Landscape Deer Free

How to Keep Your Landscape Deer Free Deer damage to ornamental plants and trees is progressively a suburban area problem. Deer populations in suburban neighborhoods have grown significantly due to uninhibited farms, tighter hunting restrictions and urban sprawl. Deer are very selective feeders that eat leaves and […]

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Dormant Spraying of Fruit Trees in the Garden

The authors are John E. Dibble, Entomologist Emeritus, U.C. Kearny Agricultural Center, and Richard L Coviello, Farm Advisor, Fresno County Dormant sprays allow: a wide period of time for application; a broad range of useable materials; maximum unobstructed spray coverage; multiple pest targets; and because of minimum […]

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 Winter Stresses on Trees & Shrubs

Winter’s heavy snow and ice, as well as frozen soil conditions, can damage cherished trees and shrubs in suburban landscapes. Even areas without major snowfall experience high winds and huge fluctuations in temperatures during winter. But homeowners can lessen the adverse effects of winter weather with preventive […]

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Bleeding from Branches of Pruned Trees

Bleeding from Branches of Pruned Trees Exudation of liquid (“bleeding”) from injured trees is caused by pressures within trees that may be localized in different organs depending on species. Most bleeding is caused by root pressure (as in birch and grape), but some is caused by pressure […]

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