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Risk and Harm: When Tree Removal Becomes Necessary

Risk and Harm: When Tree Removal Becomes Necessary No one likes the idea of tree removal. After all, this is probably something you have invested both time and money into. Often, people will purchase property based on the mature trees on it, and the shade and comfort […]

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Keeping Trees Healthy: Pruning and Trimming

Keeping Trees Healthy: Pruning and Trimming One of the most important things to the health of your landscape is keeping your trees healthy, and a big part of that is pruning and trimming. However, it’s highly recommended that you don’t just head out into the yard and […]

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Why limbs fall in your yard

  Why limbs fall in your yard Travel around a neighborhood after a storm and you will see tree limbs, large and small, scattered about the ground. Why do some limbs fall in high winds or after storms while others merely bend? Should you worry about that […]

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Storms Approaching… Will Your Landscape Survive?

Winter is the season in California for some of nature’s most severe weather. Storms in all shapes and forms create havoc and one of the greatest dangers posed by storms are presented by falling trees. Unsafe trees are a threat to lives and property. “Many shade and […]

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Tree Removal in Sacramento Time Lapse Video

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Mature Tree Care

Mature Tree Care Learn procedures specific to a routine maintenance program for mature tree care, including tree inspection, mulching, fertilization, pruning, and tree removal. Think of tree care as an investment. A healthy tree increases in value with age and pays big dividends by increasing property values, […]

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A safer landscape is a phone call away

Hazardous trees pose a danger to people and property. When storms or high winds hit, limbs —and often whole trees — fall to the ground. “Many fatal accidents and millions in property damage can be averted if homeowners heed the warning signs of a hazardous tree,” explains […]

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Stop Topping Trees

Stop Topping Trees The practice known as “topping” – the lopping off of large parts of a tree – is the equivalent to amputation. Tree topping was considered for years to be the easiest and cheapest way to make mature trees safer and reduce their size. Whether […]

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Toxic Plants – The danger of Sago Palm in our Landscapes

The danger of Sago palm in our landscapes           Sago palms are not palm trees at all – these attractive, low-growing plants are actually cycads.  Sago palms are naturally found in tropical/subtropical environments; they are also ornamental bonsai houseplants. All parts of sago […]

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Our talented team has over 80 years combined experience in the tree care industry.

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