Extending your soil moisture.

Wow!  This year will be like no other here in northern California.

Water savings and retention are the watch words for managing your landscape.  Let Acorn help you make the best use of the little irrigation water available for outdoor use.  How you say?

Acorn has a water management product that will smooth out those extreme wet vs dry events and provide more consistent moisture to your trees.  This new product contains a hygroscopic humectant that coats the root and draws water vaper to itself.  In this way our trees have more water available over time.

Before using this new product, be sure your irrigation covers the root zone of your trees.  Proper irrigation requires periodic auditing of good coverage.  Often when trees are initially planted, irrigation emitters are placed close to the new root ball. As trees grow, additional emitters should be added to cover the new root area to avoid future moisture stress.   Lack of water increases the likelihood of disease and insect infestation that can cause further decline of trees.

When is the best time to use this new product?  In the hot months of June, July, and August for established landscapes or immediately after any root damage from construction or other disruptive events. 

You can trust the experts at Acorn Arborists to be both thorough and honest in their inspection of your trees. Ready to schedule a tree inspection or just want to know more? Use our contact form or give them a call at 916-717-8733.