Privacy Policy

As the premier provider of tree care services in Northern California, Acorn Arboricultural Services not only values your business, we consider your privacy to be of the utmost importance. We have developed our Privacy Policy to keep you informed and help you understand how we collect, communicate, disclose, and use your personal information. The following information is an outline of this Privacy Policy:

  • Your personal information is collected and used with      the sole objective of fulfilling specific purposes that we have specified      as well as other compatible purposes, unless you have given us permission      or as this information is required by law.
  • Your personal information may be added to our database      for future notification from Acorn Arboricultural Services if you have      requested a quote, information or you have submitted the personal      information on our website or you provided the information to an Acorn      Arboricultural Services employee. You may request at any time to have your      personal information removed from our database.
  • Only fair and lawful methods of collecting your      personal information will be used whenever it is appropriate, and only if      we have received your prior consent and knowledge to do so.
  • Acorn Arboricultural Services feels that an      individual’s personal information must be relevant to the purposes that it      is collected and used, and, to every extent necessary, this information      should be as accurate, complete, and current as is possible.
  • We employ the most reasonable and secure safeguards      possible to ensure that your personal information is protected against      loss and/or theft as well as any unauthorized access, copying, disclosure,      modification, or use of that information.
  • Where the managing of this personal information is      concerned, Acorn Arboricultural Services will make policy and practice      information readily available to our customers.
  • Unless we are required by law to do so, will not give,      sell, or share your e-mail address to/with any 3rd party.

Furthermore, we are committed to operating our company and conducting any business according to these principles so as to ensure that the utmost confidentiality or your personal information is properly maintained and protected.