Risk and Harm: When Tree Removal Becomes Necessary

No one likes the idea of tree removal. After all, this is probably something you have invested both time and money into. Often, people will purchase property based on the mature trees on it, and the shade and comfort they provide.

Unfortunately, as those trees age, they can become as much of a liability as they are an asset. When a tree reaches that point, you may want to call Acorn Arborists to discuss the safest and most professional tree removal process.

However, before just jumping to tree removal, there are some things you might want to consider, and we can help you with those as well.

Take a Closer Look before Tree Removal

The first key before you consider tree removal is to do a thorough inspection of the potentially harmful tree. Why has it become a risk? Is it harming other trees around it or threatening a structure or structures? There are a few possibilities.

  • Is the issue just with one or more branches that just need to be trimmed?
  • Would better soil care and fertilization stabilize the tree and make it healthier so it can be saved?
  • Does the tree simply need better care overall?

If any of these things are true, or even more than one, it could be possible to save the tree. However, there often comes a time, just like with damaged teeth, when the tree is too sick or dangerous to be saved.

Above Ground Hazards and Risks of Tree Removal

The second thing to consider is the actual process of removing the tree. It’s about more than just firing up a chainsaw, grabbing an axe, throwing on a pair of headphones and hacking away. Think of the potential hazards first:

  • Are there nearby power or other lines running to the home?
  • Are their yard structures like a playhouse, swing set, or pool that could be damaged in the tree removal process?
  • How close is the tree to the home, garage, or other structure?
  • How will the stump be removed, and will the tree be replaced?

The way the tree is removed, how things will fall, and what could be damaged if parts of the tree fall the wrong way are all factors to be carefully considered.

Looking Down Matters

Just like you need to have sewer lines, gas lines, cables, and other underground hazards marked before you just start digging, the same is true for tree removal. Accidentally striking one of these lines or damaging one of them with the root ball can turn your simple project into a very costly one.

Is essential that you have these lines marked, and if they are close to the tree, you consult with a tree removal specialist. In many states if you choose to do things yourself and don’t have underground hazards marked, or don’t pay attention to them, you as a homeowner are liable. Your homeowner’s insurance might not cover the cost either.

A contractor will not only have knowledge of how to handle these hazards, but they will also carry liability insurance just in case anything does go wrong, saving you from some serious expenses.

The Cost of Tree Removal

Of course, one of the biggest concerns of every single homeowner is the cost of tree removal. That’s something that depends entirely on many of the things discussed above. If it’s a simple chainsaw down the tree and remove the waste, that’s usually not that expensive. However, there are times when the location of the tree means it will take several jobs to remove it, and that extra precautions will need to be taken during each.

The solution is to call Acorn Arborists for a consultation and quote on your tree removal. Leaving this job to the professionals means it will be done right and in the most professional and affordable way possible. Contact us today!

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