Where are the roots of my tree?

Many people envision a large, branching taproot growing deep into the soil. Actually, taproots are very uncommon in mature trees. If taproots do develop, they usually will be forced into horizontal growth when they encounter hard sub soils beneath the surface. Much of the root systems of most trees can be found within three feet of soil. The spread of the root system can be very extensive often extending two to three times the spread of the crown. The most typical limitations to tree rooting in urban areas are soil compaction and poor drainage. These are often related, with a compaction layer creating a poorly-draining hard pan.

As certified arborist in the Sacramento valley we are always talking to people about tree root issues. If you have a tree whose roots are encroaching into an area that is lifting curbing or sidewalks or driveways you should call a certified arborist to see what your options are.

Acorn Arboricultural Services, Inc., is a local tree services standing by to help you with your tree service needs. We have professionals on staff ready to inspect your property and will give you a free quote.  If you have serious tree concern, consult our professional arborist who will identify the causes of tree health problems and make recommendations for treatment.

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  1. The university I went to, had a parking lot where there were big trees, and the asphalt went up to the trunk. I don’t know what they were thinking, and I don’t know how the trees were still alive. My mom planted a tree somewhat near the garden a long time ago. Eventually the tree was sucking water from the garden, and we had to get rid of the tree. So I think planning ahead when it comes to trees, is really important.

  2. Roots can be huge problems in your yard. I like that you mention how you have certified workers that can take care of the tree problems. Just knowing that you can get the roots tamed is a huge relief for anyone that has roots in their pipes or roots pushing on the sidewalks.

  3. Thanks for the advice about dealing with a tree who’s roots are starting to become a problem. I didn’t know that horizontal roots are actually not that common! Unfortunately, the tree in my yard has started to ruin the driveway, so it’s got to go. Can a removal service get rid of the stump and the roots that have grown above ground?

  4. This is helpful information to know for trimming a tree. I don’t know if I’ll need to remove the tree outright but I’ll see if it can be pruned and it roots trimmed. I’ll probably need a service to assess what the best solution would be but I will have to use the tips in this guide first.

  5. Roots have definitely been a huge pain in our behind lately. Every other person who calls, would have a root issue… And they’re never the same!

  6. Trees are genetically capable of growing deep roots, but root architecture is strongly influenced by soil and climate conditions. Thanks for the informative post.

  7. The root systems are vital to the health of the tree. Best to take care of root problems by experienced professionals!

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