Winter is the Best Time to Fertilize Native Oak trees

Now that the temperatures are cooling off, it is a good time to fertilize native oaks such Blue, Interior Live and Valley oaks.  Why do we wait for cooler temperatures? Our oaks are susceptible to fungal attack from Armillaria that can lead to root and trunk rot.  By fertilizing oaks in the spring or summer the nutrients can cause these fungi to grow within the root zone of our oaks.  So we wait for the cooler temperatures of fall and winter.

Acorn’s native oak fertilization provides a mix that contains low nitrogen, humic acids that feed the soil microbes, amino acids, rooting hormones, and stress reducers. It is the microbes that make nitrogen available for root absorption and help build soil organic matter. California has a Mediterranean climate where we receive rainfall from October thru April but in the last 3 years rainfall has not occurred.  Trees naturally shed leaves or roots when conditions are critical and by providing a soil conditioning fertilizer mix, we can encourage root growth lost during the summer.

Our goal is not to create more top growth but regenerative growth and recovery from climate stress. Think your oaks need a fertilizer application?  Contact Acorn for an appointment with a Certified Arborist to evaluate your trees.

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